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Undiscovered Wounds is a solo platform and adventure game in third person.

In a world populated by kilometers of long trees, you will play as Yasha a member of a nomadic tribe. Like all the tribe’s members, Yasha is obsessed with climbing higher. But one day after a fall, Yasha will lose an arm. While healing from this wound, she will develop spiritual powers that will give her the strength and power to go back up to her tribe and climb higher that anyone before.

Our world is dark and mysterious, you will meet gigantic creatures. You will never know if those creatures are pacific or hostile. The world of Undiscovered wound is both fascinating and challenging to discover.


Horace Ribout - Programmer - Itch

Inès Helmer - Concept/Environment/Lighting Artist 

Ignacio Kaliman - Character Artist - ArtStation - LinkedIn

Pilate Clément - Game Designer - clementpilate.frtwitter.com/clmntcln

Océane Kressmann - Level Designer - kressmanno.fr

Lavergne Corentin - Sound Designer

Charlotte de Brabant - UX designer - charlottedebrabant.wixsite.com

Ambroise Durand - Producer - ambroise-durand.com

Outside helpers

Simon Gigant -Tech Artist - simon-gigant.itch.io

Fabrizio Santoro - Tool Programmer - github.com/Fabpk90

Téo Salvi - 3D Artist - artstation.com/nahkriid

Samuel Busson - Post-process programmer - linkedin.com/in/samuel-busson

Justine  Viel - Animator - vimeo.com/317423211

Victor Couturieux - Programmer - https://victorcouturieux.itch.io/vayh

Special thanks

Sébastien Violier


UWound.zip 608 MB

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